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Megapixel High Speed Color Cameras Are Opening New Application for Color Inspection.

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"At first glance, colour appears to be a fairly straightforward concept. However, when it comes to checking and measurement, it rapidly becomes a complex entity that demands attention in many different aspects. For example, machine vision specialist Cognex says that many automotive engineers trying to solve inspection and defect detection tasks using colour machine vision fail to consider the effects of temperature variations on the process."

"In a colour machine vision application, thermal drift of the image sensor and other electronics within the camera can change the amount of charge contained in each charge-coupled device (CCD). This may affect how colour is perceived by the camera. Intrusive light in the production environment can throw off colour detection and measurements by changing the temperature of the target object. Put simply, as the target object heats up, colour properties can shift. Thus, when colour detection is critical to a machine vision application, a consistent environment must be provided to minimise temperature variations."

..18 November 2014 | Steed Webzell, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions


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